Placing game vision on the computer

Before you begin with the SportsClipMaker to edit and analyse your recent team’s game, you need to prepare and save your mp4 video of your match onto your Windows 10 computer. Positioning your match files in the correct position on your windows 10 computer is vital and will help make the entire process of managing game analysis and cutting important clips from the game for review an easy one.

In this video, we will take you step by step through the process of saving each of your clips in the same folder, named specifically to find easier for later use. This preparation sets up your project before using the video analysis software, to make for a flowing transition, from full, raw game video to loading them directly into the software then to cutting and editing the specific analysed clips.

After placing the mp4 video files from your game in a folder inside videos, you can open the SportsClipMaker to easily transfer them onto the program. If your files are not mp4, no problem — you can visit our site to help you with a direct link to convert them into mp4 form, which works easiest for our sports analysis software. The video takes you through, several times for clarity, step-by-step directions from loading the files properly onto your computer, to taking the clips from the saved files on your computer to placing them directly into the SportsClipMaker for editing and processing.

Placing your game video files in the correct position on your computer is extremely important for a base starting step in the entire process of setting up video analysis software for you and your team. Following the tutorial video in its step-by-step guide and demonstration makes it easy for you to follow along and prepare your game footage to be cut and edited using the SportsClipMaker program.

We hope this video helps you prepare for the game analysis and the process of video editing and cutting using SportsClipMaker.


Uploading Clips to YouTube then Sharing with Facebook Messenger

This YouTube video shows you how to share YouTube video links through Facebook Messenger. This simple and easy-to-use coaching tool will take your team to the next level. As a successful coach, you want to be able to share videos with your players to not only help the individual player improve but the overall team. You can do this through Facebook Messenger which is free and accessible to everyone. SportsClipMaker is a cutting-edge video editing and analysis tool that you can use to your advantage as a successful coach. But, let’s break down how to share videos to help your team win in a few easy steps.

First, go to Facebook Messenger on your web browser by going to Then, search and go to the player’s name and click it. Copy and paste the YouTube video url in the message to the player. Just use the buttons ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste. The last easy step is sending the video to the desired player. So, by just using two tabs on your web browser you can send video information to your players in seconds. Another amazing feature is you can simply and quickly share a video with the whole team by following the same process of copying and pasting the url in the message and sending it in the team Messager group.

By using Facebook Messenger and your Youtube account the SportsClipMaker is the sports analysis software that will making sharing video information with your team effective and straightforward. This product will help team improvement and and overall communication so you can help an individual player to be a winner. A coach of a winning team will use the sports coaching tool the Sports Clip Maker to improve, analyze and take their teams and player to the next level.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to upload your processed clips from sports clip maker on YouTube.

Fast Forward and Rewind with SportsClipMaker

In this easy to follow YouTube tutorial video, you will be able to see firsthand the cutting-edge video analysis software tool that is the Sports Clip Maker. This software saves time and energy for every member on the team, especially the coach. This revolutionary video editing application is the most affordable sports analysis software for sporting improvement on the market.

As we live in the digital age the traditional white board coaching that has been used in the past is no longer meeting the mark. Because of the evolution between sports and technology the SportsClipmaker is a game-changing tool.

Let’s first break down how this video coaching software works. You are able to fast forward and rewind to any particular moments in the game you would like to code. How? Well, there’s three simple ways to do this on your computer. First, as shown in the video by holding and dragging the mouse left and right to fast forward or rewind the game. Also, by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. And by using the SportsClipMaker voice recognition. The bottom line is analyze your team to make them stronger and take them to the next level by using the SportsClipMaker.

Uploading Video Files to YouTube

Uploading videos on YouTube

Uploading videos from your game using a coaching app like SportsClipMaker is very simple. YouTube provides a wide and free platform with security and options to keep your videos private. Plus, the task of uploading a video to YouTube is very simple and is something anyone can take on.

First, you need to make a channel as this is the prerequisite to upload anything. Making a channel is simple and straightforward and in case you are confused, there are many tutorial videos on YouTube. After you make your channel, the upper right corner will have an upload option. Click on that option which will take you to a page that will allow you choose and alter privacy settings and select files to upload.

Privacy options like public and private are self-explanatory. However, unlisted is the confusing one. In this option, you will be given a unique URL for the video you upload. The video cannot be searched or viewed by other internet users. With the unlisted option, after the video is uploaded, only people with the URL can access the video. If you want to share it with others, you need to copy the URL and share it with relevant people. Given that the secured sharing option, unlisted videos are the best option for those who need to share coaching videos with a selective group of people.

After you’re all clear about your privacy options, click on “select files to upload” and access the video files on your device. If you want to post more than one video at the same time, select multiple videos for uploading. After you have selected your files, wait for the video to upload and after it’s done, click post and share as per your needs.


Converting Video Files with Vidcoder

Vidcoder is the free video converter that we recommend. All applications have different properties and this extends to videos as well. Videos have different codecs and audio types. The most common video codec is MP4 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and that is the video file that works best when analyzing your game from the weekend with SportsClipMaker. For a better understanding of how video codec works, let’s take the analogy of languages, people speak thousands of languages but the most common one is English. Similarly, MP4 is the most common codec among videos. Most modern video recorders today will record in MP4 video format.

In order to use a sports video analysis software like SportsClipMaker to analyze your game, your file has to be in an mp4 format. Alternatively, Vidcoder is a free video and easy to use video converter that converts your original video files from the camera into an mp4 format that is compatible with SportsClipMaker. It is a free and safe software which can be easily installed from

After a successful installation of the best free video converter on the internet – Vidcoder, you will see an option in the upper left corner to choose either a video file or a DVD option to convert. You should choose the former option, video files. After choosing that option, select your desired video to convert from the designated file. Once the software is done analyzing and converting, you can choose your preferred destination and file name by clicking on browse.  In doing so make sure your destination and source box fields aren’t empty and go ahead and click on encode. Though the conversion process takes time, the converted version is applicable for SportsClipMaker to analyze.